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About Illinois Pain Network

R3 Stem Cell has a team of Board Certified doctors in Chicago, Midway, Woodridge, Des Plaines, Hazel Crest, Franklin Park and surrounding areas. These pain physicians offer comprehensive treatments and procedures for relief, which include regenerative medicine procedures. We create unique treatment protocols to to obtain the best chance for nonoperative relief. Your pain is unique to you and deserves an individualized approach.

Our pain physicians are highly trained and experts in the field. They have provided tens of thousands with relief nonsurgically that not only includes traditional treatments with interventional procedures and medications, but also with regenerative stem cell and PRP therapies that help to regenerate and repair degenerating tissue.

Almost all insurance is accepted, call (888) 885-8675 NOW!

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Conditions We Treat

R3 Stem Cell’s Centers of Excellence has physicians that are are experts in treating a multitude of pain conditions, whether they are simple or complicated. Pain in the back and neck, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, neuropathy, arthritis, sports injuries, degenerative disc conditions, headaches and more.

Very frustrating conditions like Failed back surgery, RSD/CRPS,  neuropathy, migraines, fibromyalgia,  and trigeminal (TN) neuralgia are treated with cutting-edge therapies to achieve pain relief.

R3 Stem Cell’s providers have an amazing pain relief record with a success rate greater than 85%, allowing you to get back to recreational or elite sports activities, hiking, walking, play with the kids again and reclaiming your life!

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Treatments We Offer

Effective, contemporary therapies are provided at our Chicago, Des Plaines, Midway, Hazel Crest, Franklin Park, Woodridge and Munster IN pain clinics. The Board Certified doctors at R3 Stem Cell use unique methods to locate specifically the source of one’s pain and offer  the best relief possible.

Pain therapies are customized to suit your needs. Innovative treatments like stem cell therapy platelet rich plasma therapy are available to bring relief.

These procedures are meant to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue as opposed to providing the proverbial “band aid”. Don’t Operate… Regenerate!

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R3 Stem Cell’s Centers utilize a multidimensional view of your pain problem and its solution. Possibilities include PRP therapy and stem cell regeneration therapy.

Our Chicago, Des Plaines, Hazel Crest, Midway, Woodridge, Franklin Park pain doctors offer compassionate care and unique treatment plans. We firmly believe in treatment with respect, kindness and expertise.

R3 Stem Cell’s physicians are known for their extremely high level of care offered. The physicians provide several regenerative treatments customized to your specific pain presentation.

From the  PA’s to the Nurse Practitioners and staff, we put your well-being first. Therefore, the providers and staff will give you the time and education necessary needed to answer any queries you may have.

Regenerative medicine procedures are currently not covered by insurance and necessitate an out of pocket expense. However, financing is available!

What is special about our Chicago, Hazel Crest, Midway, Woodridge, Schaumburg, Des Plaines Pain Centers?

  • Highly qualified and expert Chicago, Des Plaines, Woodridge Stem Cell Doctors.
  • Several Cutting-Edge Pain Therapies provided.
  • Minimally Invasive, Effective Treatments to Help Patients Avoid Surgery!
  • Nonoperative Regenerative Procedures with Stem Cell Therapy for cartilage and soft tissue to avoid surgery.
  • Over eighty percent success with nonoperative treatment!