About R3 Stem Cell in Chicagoland, Midway, Hazel Crest, Woodridge IL

Pain Management Arlington TXR3 Stem Cell focuses on offering relief for you with one simple mission – to provide the most relief possible in the least invasive way with minimal risk. The practice offers highly trained, compassionate and Award Winning Illinois pain management doctors to assist you with comprehensive options.

Whether your issue is easy or complicated, R3 Stem Cell’s physicians will help you with care specifically geared for your unique presentation.

This will entail a comprehensive work up to establish the cause of your pain, and then 1st rate treatment options to bring you the best outcomes possible and avoid potentially risky surgery.

Both PRP and various types of stem cell therapy are available, often in combination.



Doctors at R3 Stem Cell

Darrel Saldanha, MD
Darrel Saldanha, MDDouble Board Certified Pain Doctor
Dr. Saldanha is double-board certified in both anesthesiology and pain medicine. Dr. Saldanha is a compassionate physician who is driven to provide healthcare to patients, regardless of background.

His expertise spans both medical management and interventional procedures, which includes PRP and stem cell therapy. Patients with all types of bone, joint and soft tissue conditions are treated with the regenerative medicine procedures to help repair and regenerate injury!

Thomas Pontinen, MD
Thomas Pontinen, MDDouble Board Certified Pain Doctor
Dr. Pontinen is a double-board certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain medicine specialist. He has also undergone formal training as a resident in general surgery, which allows him to perform the most innovative procedures in pain medicine safely and skillfully.

He is a compassionate physician who works daily to help his patients regain their lives and get back to doing the activities they love. He is passionate about treating the most complex pain cases in a comprehensive, integrative and holistic approach, combining multiple treatment modalities with the most innovative, minimally invasive procedures.

Andrea Rakic, MD
Andrea Rakic, MDDouble Board Certified Pain Doctor
Dr. Rakic is double-board certified in both anesthesiology and pain management. He was a professor at the University of Illinois, specializing in in general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and pain management. He is interested in spine and orthopedic pain, cancer pain, as well as neuropathic pain conditions.

He brings a University level of care to patients and loves to offer regenerative medicine procedures including PRP and stem cell therapy to help provide relief. Most patients are able to avoid surgery and increase their functional abilities. Dr. Rakic also speaks Spanish and Serbian.

Mark Farag, MD
Mark Farag, MDDouble Board Certified Pain Doctor
Dr. Mark Farag is a double-board certified and fellowship-trained anesthesiologist and interventional pain management specialist. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for his anesthesiology residency and interventional pain management fellowship.

He is compassionate, intelligent, and always dedicated to giving his patients the highest quality of care. He focuses on using a multi-modal approach (procedures, medications, physical therapy, and other therapies) to treat the pain at its source, and help his patients resume a fulfilling personal, professional, and social life.